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mk tiang

MK Tiang

“During my first week here, I could not really get used to the weather, climate and culture.  Thankfully, with the kind help of INTO Newcastle’s staff, I was able to slowly settle down. I started meeting new friends from different countries which enriches my experiences in dealing with various cultures.

Throughout the journey, I found a lot of new interesting adventures awaiting me to explore and to experience. In short, Newcastle has a good blend of vibrant life and tranquility. It provides a good study environment and at the same time sharing an experience of the locals’ different social and culture life.”

kurt lee

Kurt Allyter Lee (INTO UEA)

“I am studying Foundation Science at INTO University of East Anglia.  I plan to study the Natural Sciences, Theoretical Physics & Astrophysics when I go to UEA. I chose to come UEA because they are very strong in natural sciences and that is what I wanted to go. I have changed here. It makes me think a lot.

At INTO, my teachers promote individualism, as in you do your own self study, and tell them what you find. It is a two-way learning experience. It has helped me grow a lot. INTO has prepared me to be more open with my teachers. In the INTO course, they teach you all those things that you need to know. The teachers are very accessible. In INTO we have fieldtrips, learn outside and outdoor. I think it is going to prepare me very well for UEA.

All I want to say is you are not alone. Just come and discover that you are not alone.”

grace wee

Grace Wee Chyn (INTO QUB)

“I really like studying at INTO Queen’s University Belfast. The staff and the teachers here are all very friendly, helpful and caring. There are a lot of good facilities within the Centre. Belfast is a very beautiful place. I think what makes Belfast such a nice place to study in is that it is a slower City, it is very quiet and peaceful.

I have chosen Queen’s University because the location appealed to me and because Pharmacy at Queen’s University is 2nd highest in the UK in Times Good University Guide rankings. Besides this, Queen’s is also a research intensive and I think that the facilities that the School of Pharmacy has to offer are great.

I like the learning environment I am in and love the atmosphere in class because the teachers are very understanding. Even though our class consists of students from different countries, cultures and religions we are always helping each other and we have a very strong bond of friendship.”

winston lee1winston lee3

winston lee2

Winson Lee (Sunderland)

“It’s really a great experience working in the UK! Basically, I work as a part-time waiter in a Chinese restaurant where majority of the customers are English. Besides working, I studied very hard. All these contributed to my success in obtaining a job in Changi Hospital Singapore. “

 kevin kong

Kelvin Kong

“I took a year out from my university and worked in the material research English based company (i.e. TWI) in Middlesborough. (p.s.1 hour train to Sunderland!!). Felt so glad to have the opportunity to work in the UK with different background of people.  My Industrial Placement landed me a full time job in the UK upon graduation. Thanks to my university and parent.”

 michele hii

Michele Hii (Sunderland)

“By God’s grace, I got a job as a dispensing assistant in Lloyds Pharmacy since April 2010, which was seven months after I landed in Sunderland for my University studies in Pharmacy course. Things I studied in university makes more sense to me now as I get to practice them in the pharmacy. You might ask, would it not affect my university studies and even your social life as I need to work on Saturdays. I would tell you, it surely does at some points, especially when everyone hangs out on Saturdays, but well, no pain no gain and at least you still have Sundays. All in all, I am indeed blessed to have such a good opportunity to get a part time job during my term time and I have learnt and still learning a lot through this job.”